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Weight Loss

We have many testimonials on the efficacy of our weight loss remedies from our doctors and patients. Homeopathy: Please follow directions on the label of our homeopathic remedies. It is important to note that consuming caffeine will affect the efficacy of the remedy, therefore, it should be completely avoided. All homeopathic medicine should be taken on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before or after consuming food, drinks, supplements or other homeopathic medicine.

WeightLossTrio.jpg Bio-Slim Kit (Homeopathy) WC-HCG-KIT $93.95

Homeopathic Fibonacci Sequenced kit to assist with obestity and also minor weight loss without side effects.

HCG slim.jpg Bio-Slim WC-HCG-SLIM $48.00$42.00

Exclusive Homeopathic Formula

CandidaEase.jpg Candida-Ease (Homeopathy) WC-050-CE $29.95

Candida Detoxification

L-Trypto.JPG L'Tryptophan WC-LTRYPTO $33.75 Qty
Dale_Thyroid.jpg NER #11 Thyroid & Adrenal~Anxiety, Confusion, Paranoia WC-011-NEUR $25.18 Qty
SLIM.jpg Slim #1 (Homeopathy) WC-049-SLIM $26.00$22.95 Qty
Weight Loss & Maintain Pack WC-GIN-8 $311.74$290.95

Weight Loss & Maintain Kit

safebag800.jpg SAFE BAG PLUS INSERT PRODUCT $46.95

Safe Bag AND Product Insertion

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